Lottery Sambad Dear Admire 6th Draw 4.00 Day Lottery Result of 12-01-2018 | Nagaland Dear Admire 6th Draw Result

The Lottery Sambad Dear Admire 6th Draw Mor Result of 12-01-2018 is now available on the official website of Nagaland lottery. The lucky drawers of Nagaland Dear Admire 6th Draw Result are also now for the lottery ticket numbers of 12th January 2018. The Dear Admire Day 6th Draw result declared on the official website at 4.00 PM of www lottery sambad com & The lottery sambad today of a Day is issued every day of week and winners of 6th Draw Dear Admire are officially declared in Day of 4.00 PM. The Nagaland lottery sambad have issued the lottery sambad lottery result for the ticket buyers of Nagaland. Check our website for Sikkim lottery result and Mizoram lottery result.

Nagaland State Lottery Today Dear Admire 6th Draw Day of 12th January 2018 Lottery Result Declared – Check Below

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Nagaland State Lottery Result Today of Dear Admire 6th Draw of 12th Jan 2018

The lottery buyers who have purchased the lottery sambad Dear Admire tickets for Rs. 6 the winning price for the Nagaland state lottery result today is Rs. 26 lakh and other prices are respectively for Nagaland lottery sambad. For the Nagaland state lottery sambad, also there are total 6 prizes of Dear Admire 6th Draw Today Result lottery sambad. There will also always be one lucky winner of Dear Admire Day 6th Draw sambad lottery result for every week.

The lottery sambad today result 4.00 PM for Dear Admire 6th Draw 12-01-2018 the last prize is of Rs. 120 as this will give you more than to lose from lottery sambad today 4.00 PM Saturday Day of Dear Admire 6th Draw. Now also check the winners of lottery numbers for Nagaland state lottery today result from the above content after the 4.00. You can also check the other state result as well for Mizoram lottery result and Sikkim lottery result.


Day RESULT 12th Jan 2018

DEAR Admire Day 6th DRAW RESULT 12th January 2018

1st Prize Rs. Lakhs/- 82D 39321 
Cons. Prize Rs. 9498/- 39321 (REMAINING ALL SERIALS) 
2nd Prize Rs. 9000/-04732 21489 26128 28540 34529
41651 43926 50971 96542 98259 
3rd Prize Rs. 500/- 0502 1314 1648 1681 3019
3163 6385 7656 7731 9249
4th Prize Rs. 250/-0199 1678 1852 3552 4757
5313 6207 6516 7672 9845 
5th Prize Rs. 120/-0229 1613 2594 4006 5030 5892 6556 7629 8546 9212
0238 1682 3012 4152 5149 5925 6801 7885 8764 9215
0367 1747 3212 4348 5222 5999 6927 7890 8801 9330
0497 1847 3338 4476 5287 6007 7306 8170 8805 9346
0600 2007 3516 4742 5408 6113 7332 8187 8950 9386
0666 2084 3575 4770 5650 6149 7407 8200 8956 9414
1216 2165 3867 4853 5668 6164 7504 8280 9069 9576
1255 2187 3876 4904 5714 6241 7508 8293 9124 9667
1413 2198 3925 4917 5776 6305 7566 8345 9158 9774
1450 2402 3967 4963 5881 6431 7596 8524 9179 9899 

Nagaland Lottery Result of Day Dear Admire 6th Draw On Saturday

The draws for Nagaland Dear Admire 6th Draw Result is handled by the state government of Nagaland lotteries and as well as Nagaland state lottery sambad. Now check the lottery sambad result for 6th Draw of Dear Admire Day Result here on our website. The Nagaland state lottery result today for Dear Admire 6th Draw Lottery Result will be uploaded here once officials declare the lottery sambad today 8 pm result of 6th draw dear Admire Nagaland lottery result. Have your luck changed here for lottery sambad Nagaland Dear Admire Lottery Result of 12.01.2018 lottery numbers. Also go through the details for lottery sambad result daily and also bookmarked us for the lottery sambad of Sikkim lottery result and Mizoram lottery result.

Dear Admire 12.01.2018  6th Draw Lottery Result Nagaland Lottery Sambad

The lottery tickets are in many other options also for Nagaland state lotteries. And are also available for the people of Nagaland state. And today’s dear Admire 6th draw Day lottery result for January 12th, 2018 is now available to check and follow our website for all such kind results of Nagaland lottery, Mizoram lottery result, and Sikkim lottery result also.