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Daily GK Current Affairs 18/04/2018 |GkToday Current Affairs 18th April 2018

The today’s current affair 18th April is here for the competitive exams. A current affair must have the information on bank PO and all the latest and breaking news. The current affair is for all the new aspirants or job aspirants who are looking for jobs vacancy. The current affairs are for the government jobs aspirants who are looking for the various govt and private jobs. This will contain Current Affairs 18 April 2018  with the year updates on current affairs 2018 and as well the previous Current affairs 2018.

Current Affairs 18th April 2018
Current Affairs 18th April 2018

Daily Current Affairs 18.04.2018 | Latest Gk Updates

The current affairs app will be soon available in the language of current affairs in Hindi. The daily current affairs 18.04.2018 has the information in respect to current affairs in India and you can have the details on the year updates of current affairs of 2018. We will also provide the current affairs questions, and updates on the current affairs quiz.

There is also current affairs today which followed by information on gk in Hindi And quiz will see the quiz games and quiz questions for the jobs seekers. Also, find the Current Affairs 18 April 2018 with current gk as well as current gk in Hindi. These daily current affairs are daily updates on daily gk and prescribed with general awareness.

News Of The Day | Daily Current Affairs 18th April 2018

Country’s second-biggest bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, SBI third place

After the spectacular rise in Kotak Mahindra Bank shares in the stock market, its market capitalization grew, while its total market cap declined due to the fall in State Bank shares.

New guidelines regarding online ticket booking will continue

In just one month, only six tickets can be booked from a User ID. If the user has verified with Aadhaar card then it can book 12 tickets in a month. A person can book only two tickets in the first two hours from 8 am to 10 pm.

World’s biggest problem solution: plastic eating enzyme

The researchers of Britain’s University of Portsmouth and the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) accidentally discovered enzyme breaking down the PET plastic.

Mosquitoes harbor the Zika virus in their salivary glands: NIV study

WHo declared Public Health Emergency of International Concern over the explosive spread of Zika virus, which led to the birth defects in the Americas.Health agencies closely monitored the situation and identified three cases in Gujarat and one in Chennai

FAO designates 14 sites as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems

Sites of Asia, including the Middle East and Central America regions, have been ranged for rice terraces, raisin cultivation and protecting the sustainable way of living and producing food.

Current Affair | General Knowledge Questions & Answers

The general knowledge is also available in the general knowledge in Hindi. In the first place, 18.04.2018 daily current affairs are same as the 18th April today’s current affair is similar to 18th April. Thus if you are in search for govt jobs in India and possibly for the India first news. The latest current affairs contain the information on details such as mp gk and Current Affairs 18 April 2018.

At our website get general knowledge questions as well as 18th April today’s current affair for 18th April News of the days as in the general information with 18/04/2018 general knowledge questions and answers.

Latest News 18th April 2018 | Daily Current Affairs Questions & Breaking News April 18, 2018

We have information formed on general knowledge quiz. The update of gk apps which you are looking will contain such details on gk current affairs. The gk in Hindi are formed with gk question in Hindi and also gk questions with their gk questions and answers. And thus as well there are following details on today.

These are Current Affairs 18th April 2018 which follows today’s current affair 18th April and all the News of the days 18/04/2018 are been formed out with today current affairs which will contain government jobs in India.